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Locate & Lease, LLC
Dallas Fort Worth apartment locating done right. With a little information, we’ll match you with the perfect pad to call home. And all at no cost to you.

Apartments? We know them.
Deals? We find them.
Personalities? We [hopefully] have them.

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Apartment Locating Reviews

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"Working with Locate & Lease was great! They were incredibly receptive and responsive to all my needs."
- Kyle
Apartment Locator Reviews


Your neighborhood is our neighborhood. Let’s find your apartment fit.

Why Choose An Apartment Locator Service?

Apartment locating is a great solution to finding an apartment in an ideal neighborhood. We take a new approach to locating apartments in the Dallas and Fort Worth area that is simple and effective. With thousands of apartments in DFW, finding the exact fit for your needs can feel like a challenge. That’s why our premier team of real estate agents at Locate & Lease dedicate time and energy into finding your favorite apartment.

We have a specialized eye for scouting your dream apartments from luxurious lofts and comfortable pads to the complex in that quintessential little neighborhood.

Locate & Lease is a veteran apartment locating service that is dedicated to finding highly rated, luxurious apartments in Dallas, Texas.

Our mission is our name: we locate, you lease.

How Our Apartment Locator Service Works:

1. Plug in the search criteria.

2. Connect with your Locate & Lease apartment locator.

3. Review your customized list of apartments tailored especially for you.

4. Benefit from our extensive knowledge about the DFW apartment market and the leasing process.

5. Sign your lease for your new dream apartment and list Locate & Lease as the referral source!

Our apartment locating service is completely free to you, as we're paid directly from the apartment complex. When visiting or leasing with an apartment, be sure to write our name in the referral blank on the guest card, application or under the “How Did You Hear About Us?” section.

Interested In Making a Little Extra Money?

Speaking of raking in the dough, we can even give you a portion of our commission for simply listing us as the referral source! We can also give you a referral gift card for referring us to a friend if they lease through us. Of course, both are subject to terms and conditions, but both are pretty sweet deals!

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