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A Bit About
Locate & Lease, LLC

We're an open book

At Locate & Lease, we are committed to understanding exactly what you want in an apartment. From your favorite coffee shop to your favorite weekend activity, we believe getting to know you is a vital part of our job as your locating company. After all, how are we supposed to play matchmaker without knowing exactly what you’re looking for?

We pride ourselves on being a small company with big capabilities, and a track record to prove it. From personal referrals to corporate and university partnerships, we're equipped to handle your apartment locating needs. We are strongly against automated messages and anything else that makes you jump through unnecessary hoops during your apartment hunt. Because Locate & Lease is small, we are able to spend more time with each client, making sure you never settle on a place you don’t love. Dallas/Fort Worth is the perfect place to be. We want to make sure that even the nights spent in are the best ones. So reach out to us if you need help finding a new home. We promise there will be a friendly human on the other line.

Since we want to pry into your life to get to know you, we thought it is only fair if you get to do the same to us. Read below to learn about the leaders of the team at Locate & Lease!

Oh, and yeah, we're 214 Apartments LLC with a facelift--no one got the 214 (Dallas Area Code).

Want hear someone else's opinion on us? Check out out References page. And, if you're still not sure what an apartment locator does, learn more here.

Our Team

Tyler Levy
Founder, Locator

Tyler Levy is the founder of Locate & Lease, a licensed real estate broker, and a lawyer.

Cody Levy

Cody is a locator with Locate & Lease and earned his real estate license while in college at the University of Texas at Austin. 

Mark Harris
Marketing Coordinator

Mark is the marketing coordinator for Locate & Lease.

Bear Levy
Official Pooch

Bear is the source of entertainment for Locate & Lease, and the subject of most of our Snapchats stories.