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Neighborhood Profile: Find the Right Apartment in Deep Ellum
Deep Ellum embodies the local charm and originality that we love about DFW. Obviously we love charm and originality, have you met us? Get to know this hip 'hood and the places that make it special.
What to Expect When You're Expecting... To Move
Moving into an apartment is stressful. Set your expectations, plan in advance, and take it box-by-box to avoid some of the anxiety! Tips from apartment locating pros.
Maximizing Money Savings in Your Apartment Lyfe
Don't be the $30,000 millionaire in Dallas/Fort Worth. Use your apartment resources and cut back on these five savings to boost your bank account. And don't forget your apartment locator rebates and referrals as extra $.
Selecting An Apartment As An SMU Law Student
If you're an SMU student looking to live near the SMU campus, get the help from our trusted SMU Law Alum apartment locator. Our apartment locating services are perfect for any college or graduate student looking for apartments in the DFW area.
Artistic Neighborhoods in Dallas, Texas
There are plenty of artistic neighborhoods in Dallas if you look hard enough! That is why the team members at Locate and Lease, Dallas' premier apartment locating company, are serving you some of Dallas' most famous wall art. Get out the iPhone X and portrait mode it up for your Instagram fans.
How to Locate Your Ideal Apartment in Dallas Fort Worth: Choosing the Best Neighborhood
If you're searching for an apartment in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, don't be overwhelmed by the number of neighborhoods. From Uptown in Dallas to the Shops at Legacy in Plano to West 7th in Fort Worth to the Mid-Cities in, well, the Mid-Cities, it's important to find an apartment in a neighborhood that fits you!
Five Common Misconceptions About Your Locate and Lease Apartment Locator
Even though there are a lot of apartment locators in Dallas Fort Worth, there are still so many misconceptions about them. Well, at least about your apartment locators at Locate and Lease. Let's set the record straight, okrrr.
Living with a Roommate in an Apartment: Tips for Peaceful Cohabitation
One of the best things you can do for living with a roommate is finding an apartment that you BOTH really love. Being at peace in your own space extends outwards, so use an apartment locator to match you with the right place. With diligence, luck, and a whole lot of patience, living with a roommate is tolerable and potentially even enjoyable.
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