Five Common Misconceptions About Your Locate and Lease Apartment Locator


While there are so many different ways to find an apartment in today’s world, it’s easy to get caught up in the commotion and settle for the first one you see. You’ve thought about using apartment locators, but you’re just not sure if you can trust that you’re getting great service versus some other money-greedy businesses out there that your friends have used. It’s time we break it down to show you just what you are getting when you use Locate & Lease for your next place to call home.


  1. My apartment locator is a robot.

In today’s world of automation, we aren’t surprised that this is a common thought. Though the robot may be one of our go-to’s on the dancefloor, the apartment locators at Locate & Lease are, indeed, real people. In fact, we have to be (the Texas Real Estate Commission requires all apartment locators to be living, breathing people, with a real estate license). Don’t believe us? Give your designated apartment locator a call (or creep on us on social media). We’ll chat with you and confirm that we’re real.

  1. I can find my apartment all by myself.

Sure, you probably could go find your own apartment without the help of a locator, just like you could probably give yourself a haircut without going to a professional. But unless you have a subscription to a listing service and are a licensed apartment locator, you probably won’t have the technology that will help narrow your apartment search and make it more efficient. You also probably won’t have the inside scoop on the apartment management, feel, and specials like your apartment locator has. Dallas Fort Worth constantly has new apartments that are being constructed that you may not know of. Your apartment locator will. Plus, even if you think you have all of that information, there is literally ZERO risk to you in asking for your Locate & Lease apartment locator to help you find a place. What options do they have that you haven’t thought of? Remember, are services are free to you as we’re paid by the apartment complex.

  1. It costs me money to use an apartment locator.

Wrong. As indicated above, your apartment locator is paid by the apartment complex that you lease with. You don’t pay your apartment locator. All you need to do is write our name down (Locate & Lease) on the referral line of any guestcards, applications, and leases, and to tell the apartment complex that you have an apartment locator. That’s it. Fortunately, writing and speaking is free.

  1. I won’t get personalized assistance from my apartment locator.

Each apartment list your apartment locator makes is customized and tailored to meet the needs, wishes, and lifestyle of the client. We don’t duplicate lists, and it doesn’t make sense for us to do so. Sure, we may send some of the same properties to you and your best friend who you referred to Locate & Lease (thank you in advance—we’ll make sure you get your referral gift!). But each list is going to be unique to you. We’ll follow up with you to get feedback on what you like and what you don’t like. If none of the apartments we locate for you are ones you want to lease, then we’ll go back to the drawing board and create a new list of places. Together, we’ll come up with a game plan to modify the apartment search parameters. Personalization if the absolute key to any apartment locating business, and we pride ourselves on getting to know you to make sure we match you with apartment options that fit you.

5. Apartment locators are self-interested.

Apartment locators cannot put their interested above yours. The Texas Real Estate Commission expressly prohibits this. How could this potentially manifest itself in the apartment locating process? Some apartment locating companies only send you the top paying apartments when you ask to see everything. We at Locate & Lease make it our goal to send you as many possible options and from their trim the list down. Of course, if you want us to send you our top ten properties, we can do that. But, we like to be fully transparent. Yes, we do care about our pay, and for the sake of transparency, we’ll tell you that apartment locators are paid a commission that ranges from a flat fee to a percentage of your first month’s rent. Sometimes, our commissions are big and sometimes they are pretty small. We rebate a portion of our commission to you because we care and we thank you for you using our services. We assure you, though, that we don’t make our business practice to steer you only to those places that pay a pretty penny.


I mean, let’s be honest, how could you not want to work with us when our Gif game is this strong? We’re real people that want to find you your next place to call home and what you see is what you get- no hidden secrets, no weird people (ok, maybe a little weirdness that try to cover up as our “personality”), and no risk to you. What have you got to lose? We look forward to hearing from you soon!