How to De-Stress in Your Apartment

It’s no secret; Dallas is a city that knows how to hustle. You may not be surprised to hear that 4 DFW-area cities made this top 20 list of 2018’s Hardest-Working Cities in America. While this level of grind is commendable, no doubt, it can get all too easy to overlook providing your stress-ridden body with the TLC it deserves- especially with the upcoming holidays. At Locate & Lease, we believe that your home should be your mini-sanctuary, free from life’s anxieties. Below are some tried and tested ways to de-stress in your apartment, so that you can find your own bit of zen within the madness.

1. Unleash your green thumb:

The Journal of Environmental Psychology has reported that plants may decrease stress. For those who have a way of killing everything they touch, succulents might just be the answer. Seriously, those things are as close to immortal as plants can get.

2. Create a chill zone

Designate an area in your apartment for meditation, yoga or just plain chilling out. This ‘bubble’ can serve as a safe space when you’re in need of some serious restoration. Interested in meditation, but not sure where to start? Download Headspace and commit to practicing 5 minutes of mindfulness a day.

3. Change sheets often

You’ve heard it all your life, but the stats are officially in; according to the National Sleep Foundation, 73% of people sleep better on fresh sheets. To take things up a notch, try a lavender pillow spray (or if that’s not extra enough, leave a mint on your own pillow).

4. Become a diffuser user

Aromatherapy is a widely used stress-reduction agent, and comes in many shapes and  forms. Many electric models even come with features like built-in humidifiers, radios, and color-changing lights. (Check out this diffuser on Amazon for just $17!)

5. Try blue hues

Due to its association with the ocean and sky, blue is overwhelmingly ranked as the color to go with when creating a zen home. (Not into blue? Read about other recommended stress reducing tones here)

6. Put tech aside

You saw this one coming, didn’t you? If you’re like most of us, live in a world of screens. While they have their benefits (like great blog posts, ahem), they also have a way of making us feel wired. Unplug at home, and notice the difference.

Life is too short to be spent as a human stress-ball. We hope you that these stress reduction tips bring to life your ‘inner Buddha’ for the rest of your days; but if all else fails and you can’t find zen in your apartment, it might be time to find a new one.

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