How to Locate Your Ideal Apartment in Dallas Fort Worth: Choosing the Best Neighborhood

We at Locate and Lease grew up watching Mr. Rogers. So, in his timeless words, “Won’t you be our neighbor?”


We can’t wait to call you our neighbor once you move into your new apartment. But as we all know, Dallas Fort Worth is huge, and filled with pockets, boroughs, and neighbors, some big and some as small as two streets. When touring apartments, it can seem like a blur. How are you supposed to choose which neighborhood to lease an apartment in? Here are some considerations to keep in mind as you choose your DFW apartment neighborhood.

Do You Have Pets?

If so, first and foremost, your apartment locator so we can make sure that we get you a list of apartment communities that are pet-friendly. But second, you’ll probably appreciate a dog park like Mutt’s Cantina or a running trail like the Katy Trail within walking distance from you and your four-legged roommate’s apartment. There’s basically no better place to show off your adorable Golden Doodle puppy. You might also enjoy seeing your neighbors around the neighborhood walking their dogs (or cats—if it’s a cat on a leash, please send us some pics), so be sure to choose a pet-friendly neighborhood.


Do You Want to Bike to Work or the Bar?

Like many larger cities, the yellow, green, and orange bikes (AND NOW ELECTRONIC SCOOTERS?! WHAAA?) have infiltrated many of the urban neighborhood streets of DFW. They beautifully litter the sidewalks of every apartment in Dallas and Fort Worth. While we down in Texas all are so pleasantly eco-friendly with our trucks and SUVs, we do really appreciate those who want to lessen their carbon footprint by biking to work.

And now with Uber’s crazy new rule about kicking you out for enjoying a few cocktails at happy hour, you may be biking or scootering to and from your apartment your favorite local watering hole.  While you are touring you’re touring potential neighborhoods in DFW whether alone or with the Locate and Lease apartment locators, look for bike lanes on the side of the road and the bikes for rent.


Proximity to School?

If you’re still finishing up that degree or going above and beyond and doing a few extra, you’re going to want to have an easy commute to your self-inflicted prison college or grad school from your apartment. Typically, people feel comfortable with no more than twenty minute each way from their apartment home. More than that and it starts to feel like a grind, especially with Dallas Fort Worth’s infamous traffic. Importantly, factor in the two-minute drive down the winding parking garage of your apartment if you want one of the top floors of the apartment. Those extra two minutes can really make the difference if you are habitually the victim of post-shower, excessive social media browsing.


What’s Your Weekend Routine?

Are you content to putt around the apartment organizing the vintage album collection you got from Off the Record in Deep Ellum, or do you leave your apartment in search he nearest source of bottomless mimosas? We love Off the Record, but SEIZE THE SUNDAY. Get some mimosas, and then get in a Lyft.

But really, we do appreciate those musical mornings inside your apartment, especially if it’s playing through built in speakers in the apartment, a common trend among new apartment homes. So, depending on your answer, you may want a neighborhood that either doesn’t come to life until 9 a.m. on Monday morning or a neighborhood with loads of outdoor cafes, bars, and hangouts.


 What’s Your Level of Interest in Fitness?

Dallas Fort Worth is a wonderfully diverse place. While it sometimes has a bad rep for being bougie (see below), in reality, no one will even take a second look at your spandex, yoga mat, or recumbent bicycle… in most neighborhoods. But to make things easier on yourself, why not choose a neighborhood for your apartment where you have quick and easy access to all your favorite gyms, climbing walls, or boxing clubs? Running trails and parks are a great place to do the eye-dodge with all those people you have seen on Tinder and [sadly] ignored. Let us help you find an apartment in one of these #fitfam neighborhoods.

Is Art and Music Life?


Are you the first one to hear the newest band or discover the next Picasso before they become popular? 

Do you listen to Indie-only music, and exclusively wear vintage clothes? Had you already taken an Instagram pic in front of every single mural we featured on our Artistic Neighborhoods in Dallas Blog? If so, then find a neighborhood that offers you all of that and more, from the trendiest new coffee shops to the best underground music venues. We recommend checking out Deep Ellum and Lower Greenville for Dallas, and the Museum District and Magnolia Avenue for Fort Worth.

Overall Apartment Feel

Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Frisco, and everywhere in between all of a city stereotype. Fort Worth is known for being laidback with a bit of country twang. Dallas is known for being more pretentious, flashy, bougie uppity than Fort Worth with less twang, (thanks to Real Housewives of Dallas). It’s important to understand the personality of your neighborhood to see if it meshes with yours. Channel that inner feng shui to see if you fit in the city.


All these factors are important to consider when choosing a neighborhood in DFW to live in. If you give your apartment locator the answers to those, we can help you match the neighborhood that fits your style. And once we’ve matched the neighborhood with your lifestyle, we can help locate your apartment! We promise, this is easier than Tinder or Bumble. Contact Locate&Lease. Your new neighbors, neighborhood, and apartment awaits!