Maximizing Money Savings in Your Apartment Lyfe

The $30,000 millionaire has become a staple at DFW's luxury restaurants, car dealerships, and retail shops (often behind the counter). While we at Locate & Lease want you to have the millionaire lifestyle with an over-the-top swanky pad, we don't want to you to be one of the $30,000 millionaires who's overdrafting for that second mimosa at Sunday brunch.  When it comes to renting an apartment in DFW, over-swiping that credit card in comparison to your income can be dangerous, as most apartment communities have income restrictions, requiring you monthly income to equal or exceed three times your monthly rent. Here six things you may need to cut out to get that swanky pad to give your guests that jaw dropping experience and avoid being branded the $30,000 millionaire.

1. Gym and fitness club memberships. 

Do you even lift, bro? While everyone wants to join the #fitfam club, sometimes those gym memberships weigh down on our bank accounts. We’re not saying they aren’t worth it—we love fancy yoga studios, spin class with bumpin’ music, and eye-candy hubs, er gyms. But it’s good to think about how often you use the facilities and what you do while there vs. what you’re paying. If an amazing fitness center is important to you, why not have it right in your apartment? Save the $100 per month and talk to us about finding you an apartment community that has all the gym amenities you want.

2. Brunch, Booze, and Dallas Eateries.  

Nothing pairs better than highfalutin glasses and high dollar drink prices. Yes, we all love paying for that top-shelf restaurant atmosphere with amazing company. But that repeated Friday $50 meal can have a real impact on the bank account. If you want to have a big party meal, why not have it at your apartment’s onsite lounge? Extra savings bonus: TJ's wine sangria (come on, we wouldn't tell you to serve two buck chuck at a party. That's social suicide).

3. Uber and Lyft. 

Don't get us wrong--Uber and Lyft are amazing, and you should use them if you are drinking out and about. But until we get that Uber Pool, cut back on them by living closer to your favorite hot spots.

4. AC. 

Save on AC and stay cool in the summer by using your pool. Or, if the sun and you don't get along, make sure your rate is competitive by and by calling Utility Concierge to shop for you.

5.   Coffee.

Glad you paid a lot of money for that Starbucks gold. More and more apartments have free coffee machines WITH Starbucks coffee! but come on, don't abuse it?

6.  Going Out.

Try to meet some of your neighbors at the free resident events offered at your apartment. Get your free meal, your free drink, and free new frands!