And Then There Was One - Tips for Living Alone

You can use our apartment locator services to help you find the perfect one bedroom apartment to start your new journey as a single empowered person. We understand, Cupid shot his arrow when you bent down to tie your shoe at Happiest Hour. Maybe you just recently went through a dreaded roommate or friend divorce. Perhaps you walked away from a toxic trainwreck of a relationship (high-five to you). Now you don’t have a roommate or a boo, babe, bae, baby, (pick your generational terminology) or anything that closely resembles it. Our hearts silently weep for you - no explanations needed. 


Whatever the reason for your newfound singleness (romantically or otherwise), you have every right to smile still. You're in Dallas Fort Worth, and you have us, your friendly apartment locators. We won’t abandon you. Have you thought for just one second that you're exactly where you are supposed to be? Maybe moving into your own apartment for the first time it's not such a bad idea. Of course, it can be scary, primarily if you have never lived alone - but when has fear ever stopped you? Never mind, don’t answer that, let’s stay positive.


Once you put your adult shorts (the DFW summer is no place for pants) on and make the decision to move forward with finding an apartment for uno, a mindset shift is needed. We as your veteran Dallas Fort Worth apartment locators think these are some important tips to remember when making the transition from roommate living to “the apartment of me.”

Adulting Alone

Adulting is one thing, but adulting alone is an entirely different mentality.

  • You will hear every sound in the night until the newness wears off. Stay vigilant and be prepared. Earbuds work wonders, but this too shall pass.  Fortunately, most apartments are now built with sound sensitive in mind. And hey, some people think it’s comforting to hear your apartment neighbors in the hall. Together, you can fight off any zombie intruders when the time comes.
  • Your almond milk does not replace itself when it's gone. No magic almond milk fairy will visit you at night and replenish your milk supply.
  •  There's no one there to wash your dishes or your clothes; you have to remember to do those things. We’re sure once the smell gets bad enough, you'll take proactive measures. Heaven forbid your guests say something. 


Get Organized

Making sure bills were timely paid and the fridge was stocked may have been the responsibility of your former roommates (cough, cough, thanks Mom and Dad!). If organizing is not a strong suit, you may experience a bit of a learning curve. Organization helps you to keep things like bills and grocery list up-to-date. We live in a world with tons of distractions and not being organized can create additional stress. Stress looks good on no one, especially those early morning dark circles. Might we suggest finding an app that helps with scheduling and a to-do list? If you are a fan of pen and paper, refer us a client and use your referral gift to get some of these magnetic reminder grocery lists: The end goal he re, you don't want your only reminder to be the cut-off notice on your door.

Make Your Own Decisions

If you want to live in apartments that are Uptown or Downtown Dallas, the West End, Trinity Groves, or even Victory Park, the choice is ultimately yours. Fuchsia kitchen décor and Care Bears in the bedroom? If that's your thing – we say go for it!  As a person living alone, no one is there to nag you or to force you to see or do things their way. Remember the Chinese leftovers from a day ago; they’re still there waiting for you. The way your apartment looks when you leave is how it will look upon your return. Become accustomed to relying on yourself, because you're pretty awesome - all of the time.

Single and Ready to Mingle

Society wants you to believe that you're no one if you don't have someone, romantically or platonically. That's not how we feel about you. You are someone. There’s nothing wrong with going to a restaurant or movie by yourself. In fact, it’s powerful to do so. Use this moment of singleness to your advantage by utilizing every moment available to become the best you possible. #yolo.

As a single adult who lives alone you have the freedom to be:

  • Unapologetically you
  • Naked (in your apartment, of course)
  • A slob sometimes
  • OCD at other times
  • A weekday hermit
  • A brunch host
  • A night owl
  • An early riser
  • A yoga lover
  • Freedom fighter
  • App creator

You get the point. It doesn't matter if you're  22 or 42, use your singleness to learn who you are. You are embarking on an exciting journey. A chance to discover you and what your purpose is as a human being - without distractions. You were born for this.

Right now, you are the caterpillar. caterpillar undergoes a journey that it must go alone. The cocoon stage (i.e., your awesome, bachelor pad your Locate & Lease apartment locator found you) is where all the magic happens. For on the other side of the cocoon emerges a beautiful butterfly. Even more so, the butterfly can never go back to being, just a caterpillar. #EmbraceTheCocoon #BecomeAButterfly 


We can help you with your transformation. Allow our apartment locator service to help you find your dream place in Dallas Forth Worth. A solo apartment is the perfect idea for your journey. In one year, you will thank yourself (and you can thank us then, too).