Neighborhoods of Uptown

Ah, the ever-hip land of Uptown, Dallas. With no shortage of apartments available to rent, knowing where to being the search can be intimidating. At Locate & Lease, we’re here to help you find that perfect rental within your perfect neighborhood - for free!

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Neighborhoods We ❤️

Where Downtown Ends and Uptown Begins : State Thomas

Dig the neighborhood feel? Check out State Thomas. The small streets of this laidback Uptown area are not lacking in charm. Check out spots like City Council or Si Tapas for a killer bite and beverage, or enjoy walking to The Ritz’s Rattlesnake Bar for a dirty martini on the days you’re feeling like your fanciest self. Good news for those of you with dogs (which we’re pretty sure is 90% of Dallas): Griggs Park is just a stone’s throw away! With apartments like State Thomas Ravello and The Jordan, there's something for every budget and lifestyle.

Through the Heart of Uptown : McKinney Ave.

Uptown would be lost without McKinney Avenue, the yellow brick road of this millenial hub. While it’s true that at times, this street feels like a stretch of traffic and first time scooter riders, living closeby doesn’t come without its perks. Enjoy festive trolley rides, hop from one trendy bar to the next (date night? try Bowen House), people watch from your loft above, whatever your heart desires. If you like living in the action, McKinney Avenue is sure not to disappoint. Check out (the appropriately named) McKinney Uptown, as well as the new and beautiful M Line Tower to get a feel for the offerings.

The ‘Other West Village' : West Village

So maybe it’s not New York, but whoever said Dallas wasn’t walkable clearly didn’t live here. If your main hobbies include shopping and more shopping, West Village might just be the place for you. With over 5,000 residents living above this bustling urban area, you’ll have no shortage of new neighbors with whom you can visit the abundance of restaurants. Not the best spot if you’re looking for a yard, but with Cole Park down the street, dog owners are still great candidates for this spot. Apartments you can't miss in this area include Lennox West Village and the new Ardan Luxury Apartments. Maybe you're into something off the main drag; either way, we've got you covered.

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