Moving to Dallas, Texas? Here are the Best Things to do on Greenville, Avenue

What to do on Greenville Avenue

Think Dallas is “pretentious?” Well, don’t be fooled. There are some amazing spots that make living in Dallas ideal for anyone. When searching for a brand new apartment, one of the most important factors in finding your dream home is simply location, location, location.

In Dallas there are many neighborhoods to choose from that are perfectly suited for a home. One of those neighborhoods happens to be the edgy and down-to-earth Greenville area.

Lower Greenville is a historic neighborhood, filled with a robust scene of new-age bars and an ever-increasing number of highly rated restaurants. The streets are buzzing with activities, from amazing coffee shops like Mudsmith, culinary treats like popsicles and chocolate, and an entertaining night scene with rooftop bars that look over the city of Dallas. Mix that with some amazing down-to-earth friends, music, and a cool atmosphere and you’ve got the time of your life.

So! Here are the best things to do on Greenville Avenue:

1. The Granada Theater


Lower Greenville has tons to offer including a wide range of live music options, thanks to the Granada Theater, an old movie house turned unique concert venue. Be prepared to enjoy some deep blues from both local and national artists. Just be sure to check out the weekly lineup to see who is playing next! And when you work up an appetite jamming out to your favorite band, look no further than Sundown at Granada, a live music restaurant venue situated just next door. Enjoy local music on a unique small stage, get a craft beer and order from their killer menu.

(Source: Dallas 10 Best)

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2. The Truck Yard

Eating at the Truck Yard in Dallas Texas

The Truck Yard! Talk about atmosphere; whether it’s your first time or hundredth time visiting the Truck Yard, the outdoor table seating, chill environment, and airstream trailer bars provide an ambiance that will keep you coming back.  Order a brew or cocktail and feast on the famous cheese steak served with a pickle and chips. Or go for the food trucks that visit the yard daily…. Or do both. Who are we to keep you from your dreams?

3. HG Supply Co.

Greenville HG Supply Co

HG Supply Co. is a genuine staple here in Dallas, Texas. And it makes sense; the Paleo-inspired menu at HG is sure to please all of your taste buds. By day this restaurant has a hip and diverse menu with some of the best food in Dallas and by night, HG turns into an unbeatable rooftop bar, where you can order signature cocktails and drink craft beer while enjoying an amazing view of the city. Pro tip: It isn’t uncommon for HG Supply Co. to offer free samples of their cocktails, so when you hear of a new drink concoction at HG, be sure to stop by with your bff. 

4. Good Records

Record Shop in Greenville

Find hard-to-find records, your inner hipster, and some current releases at Good Records. It's hard to believe that a record shop that still exists in Dallas allows for some free listening, and if you’ve never experienced the old school feels and smells of some good old fashioned vinyl, then we definitely recommend it. They're open late, so make a post-dinner pit stop for some new tunes.

5. Steel City Popsicles

Steel City Popsicles

Stay cool by visiting one the coolest popsicle stands we've ever seen. If you’re living in Dallas and just moved into your brand new apartment, Steel City Pops has your late night sweet tooth covered, and puts your old Bomb Pops to shame. Choose from amazing flavors, like the raspberry lime, cookies and cream, or pina colada. Maybe even dip it in chocolate, really go crazy.

6. Grub Burger Bar

Burger-lovers know there's only one place to go on Greenville Ave. You may know Grub Burger Bar from its central role in St. Patrick's Day festivities, but with boozy shakes, zany burgers, and surprisingly delightful lighter fare (seriously, try the brussels sprouts), this is one spot that should be added to your restaurant roster.

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