What to Expect When You're Expecting... To Move

To some, moving can be an exciting time to start new adventures, build new relationships, and find your new home. But to the vast majority, the act of moving can be stressful and just downright zero fun. We hope that we can find you the apartment of your dreams and help you move into it as easily and stress-free as possible with these six moving tips:

1.     Don’t procrastinate the little things!

Renter’s insurance, electric, and cable and internet are three things you want to nail down a few weeks before your move-in day, not the day before. No one likes to sit in an apartment without WIFI and cable, so make sure that you book your cable and internet installation on or close to your move in day. Don’t want to go through the hassle of rate shopping? Let Utility Concierge help!

2.     Stock up on free moving boxes.

Many bigger grocery stores like Sam’s Club, Costco, and even Walmart have boxes available in different sizes, so be sure to check at your local stores! Also be sure to check out the free section of Craigslist and your workplace a few months before you’re planning to make the big move.

3.     Practice up on your Tetris

Efficiency is the name of the game when moving, so plan out your packing to make as few trips to the truck as possible. Rather than buy bubble wrap, use your towels, pillows, or even clothes to wrap your nice plates or small electronics—it saves space and money.

4.     Expect to get to your new home early.

The early bird gets the parking spot! Depending on if you are using a moving truck, your own vehicle, or a caravan of vehicles from those kind family and friends you will be forever indebted to, you want to keep in mind where you can park in reference to your apartment. We recommend getting to your new place early enough to find a good spot or spots to keep you from making a Uhaul into a long haul. Typically, your apartment community will let you use the freight elevator on your move-in day to facilitate a quick move.

5.     Take pictures of your “Befores and Afters.”

Take pictures of your new home before moving any of your belongings in. Snap pics of all the rooms and anything that looks damaged or dirty, and mark it on the property condition sheet. This helps to ensure that you aren’t charged at move-out for cleaning/repairs needed for preexisting conditions.

6.     Unpack your essentials first

Moving is a process and can sometimes take more than just one day, so pack your toiletries, a fresh set of clothes, and any odds and ends that you will need for an extra day while the moving and unpacking takes place. We consider essentials to be a bottle of wine or a case of beer…

Moving is no doubt exhausting, but there are a variety of hacks to make it a little more bearable! If you’re in the market for a new apartment, let us help with the first step in the process of finding you a new place to call home!