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(Spoiler alert: It's pretty easy)
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If not, here's basically the script with the steps more detailed.
[6-8 steps depending on how you divide it]

Complete the Find My Apartment Form. The more detail, the better. We will use this information to create a list of apartments that match what you’re looking for.


Receive and Review the list of apartments prepared by one of our agents. Tell them which you like and don’t like. The list will contain apartment details on pricing, location, floorplans, and property policies.


Chat with your Locator about the list! Tell us which ones you like and don’t like, and we’ll give you as much as insight as possible. We can also help you determine availability of the ones you like, as availability and pricing often changes daily.


Tour your favorite apartments and tell them you are working with Locate & Lease. You can do this with us or solo. Be sure to tell the apartments that you are working with us as your apartment locator!


Apply and list Locate & Lease, LLC as your referral source when touring properties, on guest cards, lease applications, and leases. [Queue Destiny's Child's "Say My Name"]


Move into your new home! The hard part is over! Unpack, get settled, and enjoy the nights at your new place.


Collect your rebate.* Not only our services free to you, but we can often rebate you back a portion of our commission for listing us as the referral source. So, when we get paid, you get paid. Win-win situations, FTW.


Refer your friends and collect some referral swag!* Nothing says we did a good job better than referrals. We welcome them.

Still have questions about the process, and general leasing questions? Be sure check out our in-depth FAQ page to get answers to life's most important [DFW apartment leasing] questions.

How Does Apartment Locating Work?
Ok, now I'm ready. Find my apartment.