You don't have to take our word for it

We were so glad to work with the Locate & Lease team to find our first apartment in Dallas. With so many options across the metroplex, Tyler helped us narrow down the selection of apartments to ultimately help guide us to our home. Even if you are familiar with DFW, we'd recommend contacting Locate & Lease to help find your apartment and navigate the apartment search process!

Krysta and Libby

Working with Locate and Lease was great! They were incredibly receptive and responsive to all my needs. Their knowledge of the apartment market is second to none. They were able to take the guidelines I provided and come up with a pretty lengthy list of options to choose from. They did all that in a timely manner, which was helpful, as I needed to find an apartment quickly. Locate and Lease was easy to work with, found me a great apartment that met all my needs, and did so in a timely manner. I will definitely use them again next time I move, and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new apartment. Thanks Locate and Lease!


Tyler and Locate & Lease, LLC helped me find an amazing place to call home! It was so easy…I gave Tyler a list of things I wanted (not just the big things, the little things too…even my preference for color scheme!), my budget, and my geographic location preferences, and within days I had a list of some amazing options that met all of my criteria! Tyler was also able to provide me with insider information about most of the properties. He’d toured them and pointed out things he thought I would enjoy or gave me references from people he knew who had lived in the area/community before. This was really invaluable to me since I didn’t have too much time to look on my own! Having a targeted search where I already knew what was in my budget and met my space requirements let me make the most of my time and find the apartment that would be the best fit for me and my dog! The apartment that 214 Apartments, LLC found for me has been home for more than two years, and I still love it! Best of all, it was a totally free service! Tyler knows what he’s doing, and I would absolutely use him again the next time I need to move!


Tyler helped me find several apartments while I was doing my emergency medicine residency. Being a California native, I was thankful for Tyler’s knowledge of the Dallas, and he helped me find a place to call home! I consistently referred Tyler to my colleagues looking for a new apartment and recommend him to anyone looking for a DFW apartment.


I don’t know where I would be without Locate & Lease! Moving to Dallas was one of the best personal decisions I made, but the daunting task of finding an apartment amidst the thousands of options had me rethinking my move. Once I was in the hands of Tyler Levy with Locate and Lease, his understanding nature and positive energy immediately eased my anxiety. He didn’t just ask what I was looking for in a place, he took the time to get to know me and found places that were close to school, fit my active lifestyle, and welcomed my pup. Beyond that, when it came to narrowing down choices, he gave genuine and meaningful advice based on his experiences living in the city. Since moving in — whether its due to its location or its awesome amenities — I find myself saying, ‘I love my apartment!’ at least once a day. ALL of the credit for that goes to Tyler, so thank you a million times over Locate and Lease! When it is time to upgrade my place, you’ll be the first call I make!